Zodiac carved with watermelon Watermelon carved patterns

Haunted by the Beast

Good parent-child time in summer

Summer is coming

Haunted by the Beast

How do parents celebrate with their babies Summer time?

The way children understand the world

It is not only the book to get close to the beauty of nature

It is more important to appreciate the charm of humanity

Today’s editor I will recommend for you

a few good places for summer study in Xiamen

Let the "beasts" have fun

have a fun parent-child time while learning~< /p>


Xiamen Science and Technology Museum

21,000 square meters of exhibition hall and

more than 400 interactive exhibits

Xiamen Science and Technology Museum

Satisfy all your curiosity

Chinese zodiac watermelon carved pattern carved with watermelon

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The first exploratory ocean exhibition hall in China

Experience in the deep sea elevator Deep sea thrills

1095 visitors from the bottom of the sea

Observe the underwater world from zero distance

Explore the magical sound and light in the exhibition hall

Intuitive display Ways to make children fall in love with science

(The largest mirror maze in Asia, start an adventure journey)

In the creation exhibition hall

Unlock a colorful world of light and shadow


Experience the great changes in life brought about by artificial intelligence

Explore the mystery of water flow in the Children's Science Park

Play games with small balls

(only A painting robot that can describe your appearance at a glance)

(Taming a dinosaur as a mount, galloping in the ocean ball pool)

20th Anniversary Special Exhibition Mecha Awakening Overtime Exhibition

Ignite your passion and love for mechs

The first immersive experience space for smart mechs in China

Over 1000㎡ of future time and space secrets

The future world begins here

This summer

The science and technology museum is carefully crafted

Cosmic science, environmental science

Biology Science, Marine Science

Architectural Science, Mechanical Engineering

Six themes of research activities

Let the children realize their dream of becoming scientists

(Huge globe, showing the distribution status of the earth's water resources)


Yefengzhai Ocean Science Park

The standard equipment in summer is watermelon< /p>

There is also Ocean World

Punch in the eight areas of the aquarium

Unlock the mystery of the ocean for you

Encounter a mermaid

Explore "Blue Tears"

Scream at 52 Hz in the white dolphin interactive area

There are also cute pets such as soft and cute lop-eared rabbits to interact with you

"Fish "I sleep together

Stay overnight in the aquarium

Enjoy the fun of parent-child camping

Follow the teacher's footsteps

With friends< /p>

Depart in the summer evening

Explore the intertidal zone

Experience an unforgettable trip to the sea


< p>Huihe Stone Culture Park

Before the thousand-year stone carving art

Feel the ingenuity of the craftsman

Explore the mysteries of history

Learn from the sages The family motto of the sage

Let the excellent family tradition and culture be passed on from generation to generation

Visiting at zero distance

Huihe Yingdiao works

Landscape, Characters, Zodiac, Cultural Creativity

Be a small disseminator of shadow carving skills

Pick up a thin paintbrush

Let the world of childlike fun come alive in stone Come alive

Multiple arts and crafts

Let children feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage in hands-on fun

Huihe Stone Cultural Park

< p>04

Shuanglongtan Ecological Sports Scenic Spot

With the theme of mountain aerobics development

Integrating health and leisure and ecological vacation

Comprehensive experience tourist scenic spot

Here is sunshine, health and comfort

The road is in the green, people are in the scenery

You can get close to nature , and enjoy ecological sports

Super large natural grass skating field

Sit comfortably in the car

Appreciate the speed and passion of "flying on the grass"

Experience rock climbing

Like Spiderman

Show the beauty of strength and flexibility

Talk about bow and arrow

Comparison Who is the Marksman

Picture|Shuanglongtan Sports Development



Activity time: July 1, 2021 Until August 31, 2021, every Monday to every Friday

Activity content: 20% discount on the market price when buying tickets at the scenic spot ticket booth


< p>Gulong Sauce Cultural Park

You can smell the rich soy sauce fragrance as soon as you enter the park

This is the largest soy sauce drying field in Asia

It is also excellent Research site

Within 44,000 square meters

60,000 sauce vats are neatly arranged

Beans wait for time in the big drying yard to bring sauce fragrance to it

History corridor tells the past and present of soy sauce

The soy sauce artifact has never changed its shape

Soy sauce with different production techniques and years

Experience it for yourself

Where is the difference in taste?

Traveling through time and space

Walking into the ancient market

There are people on the sauce street who carry the burden

Some people make sauce with their sleeves

Someone in the special sauce shop is yelling to attract customers

There is also a novel soy sauce ice cream

Milk fragrance Mixed salty fragrance, children love it

This summer

Come to Xiamen to start coastal life

Start with childlike innocence

every journey They are all fairy tales

The text and pictures come from the poetic Xiamen of Sea Garden

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