What is the truth about a fortune teller kneeling? Can the fortune teller really believe it?

Kneel down to the fortune teller every minute, wishing to worship the fortune teller as a teacher, and then become more superstitious from then on; For example, if I tell you the fortune teller, in the next three months, you will encounter something that doesn't go your way , then you will definitely pay attention to what I said, and after three months, you will collect what is not going well in these three months, one day you were disturbed by the bench, or one day you sat on the bench and did not sit Okay; is what the fortune teller said true? That fortune teller, it's all nonsense. You don't have a marriage line at all. No one else does. The lines on your hands are just lines. It doesn't mean anything. Since there is no marriage line, there is no There is a saying that you can get married early, as long as you have this opportunity.

The Book of Changes actually contains the essence of some ancient cultures, and it also contains the wisdom of many newcomers. In fact, many famous fortune-tellers have basically read this book. They also master some yin and yang theories, and this part of fortune tellers will use these things as a basis to tell fortunes to others, but it is unbelievable, fortune telling has been a skill for thousands of years, and it is a way of making a living. Allegro, juggling, etc., there is no difference. Since it is a means of making a living, the fortune teller has to find a way to get the money in your pocket into his pocket. First of all, the fortune teller must be good at observing words and expressions; The post is for your reference, I hope it will be helpful to you Pastor Ye Minghan. A fortune teller, called to be a servant of God" in the one I was born with.

Believe in fate is not fate We all know that everyone's horoscope carries different life information, but even if we know the information carried in the horoscope, we cannot easily change ourselves under normal circumstances Destiny may have many people go to a fortune teller to change their fortune, and fortune tellers in life are generally divided into three types of people.

Could it be that the fortune-teller really has any special functions? In fact, In our daily life, those fortune tellers who claim to be "half immortals" can basically be concluded that they are liars. So, how do these fortune tellers calculate what we think? First of all, the Book of Changes It is true with Yin Yang and Five Elements; the fortune teller stroked his long beard, "No! I only have hand lines on my hands!" I was even more puzzled. The lines on your hands are your own destiny! I nodded with a little understanding, "You have found the direction of life, but you haven't grasped your fist! "It suddenly dawned on me; but it changed his life. Later, according to Li Ka-shing's recollection, when he was young, he met this fortune teller, saw his prime minister, and later told Li Ka-shing that he probably did nothing in his life. , will spend in a muddle, this sentence hit Li Ka-shing particularly severely, even for several days; some tricks of fortune tellers. , and often win the trust of fortune-tellers. In fact, a fortune-teller does not have the ability to foresight. He relies on a set of skills of observing words and emotions. All "truths" are fortune-tellers.

When going to fortune-telling, I just want to find a hope in the confused life. Some people go to fortune-telling because of superstition. If you want to hear what a fortune teller says, if it is a good thing, you will be full of it; ten or eight people are in the situation, and then these people go around telling people that a certain fortune teller is very accurate. After thinking about it, you will gradually feel that it is probably the same thing. Everyone’s fate is doomed. All living beings, what will happen to who, what will happen to who, it is impossible.

After the scholar left , the shop owner chatted with the fortune-teller out of admiration, and the old fortune-teller smiled secretly and said, "Isn't this accurate? If one person wins, it means that only one person can pass the exam; if two people win, it means that one person cannot pass the exam; if three If no one passed the exam, it means that no one passed the exam. The three possibilities are implied. How can I be inaccurate? ".

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