What are the five elements of golden pets in Fantasy Westward Journey?

In all fee-paying games, efficiency is always an unavoidable word, and one step "faster" means that the income is much higher than others. In the past, I have talked a lot about correcting coordinates, running routes, overall planning, etc. Today, I will take stock of the ranking of the attack speed of summoned beasts, and let everyone improve the efficiency level when choosing summoned beasts. PS: All the summoned beasts that are not clearly marked as advanced in the text are ordinary-shaped summoned beasts.

T4: Pretending to be handsome and cool, it takes 2 seconds 5 to make a shot

The echelon of summoned beasts with the slowest shot and the longest delay in all dreams, I saw these summons in the team Beasts can kill other people. Among them, the mechanism bird won the honor of "Most Ink Summoned Beast" with a shooting speed of 2.7 seconds, the writhing waist of the bull monster won the second place with 2.6 seconds, and Ba Snake and Wild Boar Spirit ranked third with 2.5 seconds. These four summoned beasts have an attack speed of >2.5 seconds in all dreams, and they are also efficiency killers.

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T3: There is a hand in reducing efficiency

What are the five-element golden pets in Fantasy Westward Journey and what are the five-element beasts in Fantasy Westward Journey

There are more than 40 summoned beasts in this echelon, and the shooting speed is between 2 seconds and 2.5 seconds. Our common ones are Power King Kong (2.28 seconds), Black Mountain Old Demon (2.24 seconds), Vampire (2.2 seconds), Jiaolong (2.16 seconds), Vaisha Boy (2.12 seconds), Thunderbird (2.04 seconds), advanced painting Soul (2 seconds).

In addition, there are black bear spirits, big turtles, Ruyi, heavenly generals, merman, blue water Yasha, etc.; wait. The last three in this echelon are Gambler, Rabbit Monster, Parallel Ancient Auspicious Beast, Hell God of War, and Spider Spirit. So everyone should try to avoid these unadvanced low-rate models. For example, the attack movements of Thunderbirds and Vampires will be much faster after they are advanced.

T2: A good helper for improving efficiency

This echelon also includes about 40 summoned beasts, and the attack speed is between 1.5 seconds and 2 seconds, basically reaching an excellent level. Among them, the ones we commonly use are Advanced Thunderbird (1.52 seconds), Advanced Ghost General (1.56 seconds), Bubble, Wild Leopard (1.6 seconds), Advanced Heavenly Soldiers (1.66 seconds), Advanced Jiaolong, Furong Fairy ( 1.7 seconds), Cat Spirit (1.78 seconds), Horse Face, Advanced Phoenix (1.8 seconds).

In addition, there are parades, bandits, big bats, Fengbo, wolves, etc. The bottom three in this echelon are Prime Minister Turtle, Advanced Bishui Yasha, and Shirokuma.

T1: No bells and whistles, no sloppiness

There are only 6 summoned beasts in this echelon, and they all have an attack speed of <1.5 seconds. Among them, the sea caterpillar occupies the top spot with an absolute advantage of 1.16 seconds, the second is the advanced mouse pioneer with 1.22 seconds, and the third is the fairy in the mist with 1.44 seconds.

The 4th to 6th place are: human cat spirit (1.46 seconds), advanced star spirit fairy and tiger (1.48 seconds). Since the sea caterpillar transformation set has a 100% chance of transforming, the sea caterpillar set was hyped for a while, but it was eventually returned to its original form due to its low cost performance.

Mr. Cat’s after-class summary: Level 69 recommends advanced dragons and advanced thunderbirds, level 89 recommends advanced mouse pioneers, level 109 recommends advanced ghost generals and advanced vampires, and the higher levels It is best to choose advanced ghost generals and advanced vampires for attacking pets, which are cheap, practical and efficient. Everyone's favorite ghost will not be counted due to the fact that there are two sets of attack moves, and other slow ones that are visible to the naked eye, such as Tianqihu and Ye Luosha, are not particularly ranked high, so they will not be mentioned separately.

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