Toy Tarot Card Recognition Tutorial Toy Tarot Card Recognition Tutorial Diagram

Step 1 Preparations and taboos First, the most important thing is to confirm that your body and mind are in a good and peaceful state before using Tarot cards. Interpreting Tarot is a labor-intensive task. Understand the meaning of the Tarot cards. Step 2 Prepare the required items, a tarot card and a piece.

2 Cut cards After shuffling the cards, stack the cards and place them horizontally. The person who asks to cut the cards. If the person who asks is the fortune teller, then the fortune teller will cut the cards. Concentrate, pick up a stack of cards from the top of the stack according to your own will, absolutely must not take it, and put this stack of cards on it.

1 Shuffle the cards Before each guess, the inquirer must first perform the shuffling action, mix the cards at will First, put the Tarot cards face down, stack them in your hand and concentrate , don't think about anything, follow your own will, draw a drop from the middle of the deck, put it on the top of the deck and repeat the same action.

Operation step 1, don’t need to think about anything, before separating the major arcana and minor arcana, the fortune teller must first shuffle the tarot cards separately. Turn 2, first shuffle the major arcana, After cutting the cards, draw three cards each, and display them from left to right. The remaining cards are placed on the right and opened 3, then shuffled the minor arcana, and cut.

We still have the last card cutting action. In the process just now, the cards are all facing down horizontally. Now we have to turn the cards face down. This action must not be mistaken If you are speculating for the other party, your rotation direction is counterclockwise, that is to say, you have to rotate the left end of the Tarot card 90 degrees downward.

Any kind of tarot includes three major categories, big cards, small cards and court cards, which are 78 cards, 22 big cards, 40 small cards, and 16 court cards. Yes, shuffling, cutting, drawing and solving cards, some of the processes will be different. I usually add a few more steps in this area, such as praying.

Hehe... It feels really amazing. As mentioned above, it is quite accurate, but it is quite evil, but I can tell you that the Tarot card has an owner, write your name on it , it’s yours, other people’s best not to touch this really wicked ah, the tarot card is for the owner, huh, huh... wish.

Introduction to Tarot for Novices In future articles, we will share more insights about Tarot based on our own learning and teaching experience. The magic of Tarot divination is either out of interest or fun, or you want to make a career out of it, no matter what your original intention or purpose is.

When playing Tarot cards, they basically follow the following order to open the cards to determine the problem, choose the card array, shuffle the cards, arrange the cards and solve the cards. Introduction to the Tarot cards. The secondary card consists of the Minor Arcana, with a total of 78 cards. The method of divination is to arrange the cards in a certain form and then unfold them.

Toy Tarot Card Recognition Tutorial Toy Tarot Card Recognition Tutorial Diagram

Concrete Step 1 Shuffle cards. The questioner performs the action of shuffling the cards and mixes the cards at will. First of all, put the twenty-two large tarot cards face down and put them all in one hand. Draw a drop in the middle and put it on the deck.

1 Tarot cards come with a set of books, and the price is 20~120 yuan, so Waite is really suitable for beginners. I agree with this and I am using this thing now. Luo cards are generally suitable for beginners~ You can go directly to the Internet to seek advice on this, and whether it is Tarot Profound Truth or Tarot Card Formation.

The third step is to put the twenty-two Tarot cards face down on the table, and randomly use both hands to shuffle the random cards. The time for shuffling the cards should not be too short. Keep praying sincerely in your heart about the questions you want to ask about the tarot cards. The fourth step is to collect the tarot cards neatly after shuffling the cards. At this time, you can cut the cards and draw another tarot card.

Weitt Tarot has 22 big cards and 56 decks, each card has a different interpretation. The complete divination is roughly divided into 5 steps. Step 1. Preparation and taboos. First, the most important thing is Before using Tarot cards, make sure that your body and mind are in a good and peaceful state. Reading Tarot is a labor-intensive task.

First of all, I am curious, do you want to learn the divination method of Tarot? Tarot can be used as a game, that is, poker evolved from small towers and fools. Go buy a Tarot-related book, such as the classic Tarot, and start learning, and when you study, hold the card of faith and then have materialism.

Generally, there is a tutorial on tarot cards. Ask your friends about the precautions for preparation before divination. Tarot card guessing is a kind of quot trigger, and sincerity leads to spirit, use tarot cards to guess text It is usually very efficacious, it provides a kind of omen or warning.

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