The male protagonist's Bazi Xihuo, what does the Bazi Xihuo do?

Like fire, red is suitable, and green wood is suitable for fire. South is fire and east is wood. If you sleep in these two directions, you can sleep with your head facing south or east. This is a change of direction. Hot food is abundant in water this year in Renchen, especially in the second half of the year. Next year is the Year of the Snake. The five elements are fire and bright; Guishui is born in the ugly moon, and the earth in the pillar is too prosperous. Water and gold are better. In fact, the horoscope is weak, and the god of joy is fire. Let's take a look at what it means when the horoscope is weak, and the god of joy is fire. I hope it can help everyone. The horoscope is weak, and you don’t need to understand the pattern of the horoscope. This is the term for the horoscope, that is to say, the horoscope is like fire.

Male protagonist Xihuo's horoscope What does Xihuo do?

The horoscope is strong, which means a bit strong. Such a person has a tough attitude in doing things, a strong Power and happiness, that is, the five elements of fire are noble people, use God, but this is just a term, and it is not an actual fortune at all. The main thing is to look at the combination of horoscopes, combined with the induction method of fleeting years and the moon and bright stars. The three are delicate and accurate; According to your birth horoscopes, males are born in the year of Jiazi, and females are born in the year of Yichou, which belongs to the year of Ox, Zichou, the earthly branch of the zodiac, and Liuhe. You are very destined to be husband and wife. The best auspicious day for you is November in the lunar calendar between the thirteenth snowfall and the thirteenth minor cold in the twelfth lunar month; please be patient and wait for my master to slowly calculate the life of the male Dalin tree born at 6:00 am on March 18, 1988 Dragon Girl, October 14, 1987 at 20:00 Ding Mao Nian, the fire was born in the furnace, and the rabbit divination said that the wood fire couple is auspicious and prosperous. This family is destined to be a good marriage. It's not very good to burn the door dry, but of course we still have to look at the overall situation.

The principle of using the gods in the four pillars and eight characters is that the strong will control them, and the weak will help them. Therefore, when naming a person, you must also adhere to this principle. Mainly, if it hits Xishuimu, there will be water and wood characters in the name. In addition to sticking to the four-pillar and eight-character Xiyongshen when naming the name; in most cases, the windows of the south room will open to the south, the windows of the west room will open to the west, and the windows of the north room will open. It will open to the north, and the windows of the east house will open to the east. Generally, it must be determined according to the horoscope. If your horoscope is like water, you can live in a room with windows that open to the north. If you like wood, you can live in a room with windows that open east. A room with windows facing south is happy with gold; the horoscope of fire means that there is no fire in the five elements or it needs to be tempered with fire. Those who lack fire tend to have a relatively yin body and insufficient yang, and their hands and feet tend to be cold. There is no original enthusiasm in the character, so the lack of fire is not active enough in life. Analyzing the horoscope of fire-loving people's numerology eight; choose the red crystal that belongs to fire, which is citrine, ruby, and the color is similar to red. Items with a strong fire attribute, so the effect is the most obvious after being worn by people who love fire. At the same time, tea crystals can also ward off evil spirits and are good for people's fortune. .

The kitchen is in the northwest, the northwest is the stem, the height of the main business, the head of the body, etc., if there is a fire in the kitchen that is directly restrained, there is a non-southwest opening of the door, and the yin qi enters and neutralizes the yang qi in the room. Bad: 1. The four pillars like fire, and the favorable orientation is the south is based on the birthplace of the father, and the north is unfavorable. People in the northwest like red, and are unfavorable black. They like to live in a house facing south and north. The bed is placed in the north-south direction. South 2. Name and use of characters. Five elements are beneficial to fire. 3. Four pillars like fire, so you should engage in fire-related careers or careers; women like fire, wood avoids water and gold, while men's horoscope is the most prosperous five elements are gold, fire and five elements. Xiangfang horoscope is quite compatible 4 Five elements horoscope marriage matching table Birth and birthday horoscope marriage query table 5 Five elements horoscope marriage matching table Marriage matching horoscope matching woman Jisi year Renshen July Yisi day Bingzi, day dry five elements "wood.

There are several kinds of fates that are positive and prosperous, weak and strong, and weak. There is no specific meaning, and it will not explain whether a person is weak or strong. It is just a classification based on the horoscope. Things to pay attention to when using God is fire 1. Use red and purple for clothes, sheets, bedding, pillow covers, etc., not black and blue 2. No.

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