The fate of the child calculated by the fortune teller What is the fate of the child calculated by the fortune teller

1. Please note that fate is a relatively complex concept, which not only includes a person's intelligence, talent, fortune, etc., but also is affected by various factors such as personal efforts, environmental factors, etc. Therefore, no fortune-telling method can be accurate Predicting a person's fate In traditional Chinese culture, "Zhuangyuanming" refers to being born wise.

2. No, they are all fake. If they all believe in divination, then why do they need to be scientific? They are all fake, and they are all farting. Nonsense, to believe in science.

3. The reason why you will have filial piety is that your horoscope can be circulated to the stem of your birth year, and the female star has played a good role. At the same time, your birth year pillar Nayin is gold, Nayin is wood in Shizhu's children's palace, gold can restrain wood, up and down, in order to control the children, at most it's just a little tongue-in-cheek, just worry about it. As for you.

4. In the process of forecasting, 80% of them are full of professional words such as gold in the sea, fire in the furnace, and soil in the sand. When will the child who comes out to cheat money come? Is it destined? If a fortune teller says that the other party is prosperous or weak, fate is hard or Kefu, or fate and the like.

5. In fact, there is nothing in the book, and there is no use. What should come will still come, what should not come. I had the same fate as my cousin's sister at that time, and I still remember it clearly. The two of us did the fortune-telling together, and he said that I couldn't afford high school.

6. For fortune-telling, you have always believed that you have it, and you don’t believe it or you don’t. Some people always like to let others decide their own destiny. This is very wrong. An uncle fortune-teller set up a stall there, beckoning to you, son, let me show you if your marriage is hard to come by.

The fate of the child whose fate is calculated by fortune-telling

7. In summary, the Chinese Yifanshun research Teacher Qi Bingquan of the hospital believes that it is a typical "superstition" that newborn children cannot be fortune-telling, and it should be corrected. In real life, there is another saying that fortunes will get thinner and thinner. This is actually a mistake, or it is misinterpreted. The concept of the so-called thinner and thinner.

8. As for the health of the child, it depends on his birthday. It is science, this is science. Of course, I have to admit that some truths are just distorted.

9. Can fortune-telling tell you how many children there are in your fortune? Therefore, when you hear a fortune teller say that you are "destined with water", you will involuntarily associate everything with water.

10. Please do the math. Let’s calculate your children from your husband’s horoscope. Your husband’s horoscope is as follows. An earth character, the five elements lack gold and fire, and the horoscope of the moon, the sky, the earth, and the earth are somewhat unfavorable to the mother. Men take the official Qisha as their sons, and there are some of them in the earthly branch.

11. As for the health of the child, it depends on his birthday. Count how many children in my fortune. Fortune-telling does not belong, let alone what it is. The geographical category can stand the test of time and history. What is science?

12. My family members say that the zodiac signs have been bad in recent years, and I am very worried about the future baby. What is the fate of a childless person? You don’t need a fortune teller when you get pregnant. Childless person means that you have accumulated virtue in your previous life to carry out some activities in your body.

13. When it comes to how many children are destined to be able to tell, everyone knows that some people ask how many children there are in fate, and some people want to ask how many children there are in a fortune-telling life. What's going on? In fact, how do you know how many children you have in your life? Let's take a look at how many children you have in your life. I hope it can help everyone.

14. Free to teach you how many children are there in fortune-telling The ones who are lost are not counted, and the ones who are lost are not counted. Two are the representatives of being suppressed in the horoscope.

15, what the fortune teller said is not accurate, he is fooling you, fooling you to be happy, as long as you are happy, give him money and he will achieve his goal, so he said that you already have a It’s a boy, even if you have another child that is a boy or a girl, she just said if there is, anyway, you haven’t been born yet, even if he said it.

16. Is it accurate to mention how many children are in the fate? Everyone knows that some people ask how to solve the problem of conflict between parents and children. How many sons are destined to have, you know what's going on. In fact, fortune tellers can calculate how many children others are destined to have. Let's take a look together.

17. I personally think that sometimes you can believe what a fortune teller said, and sometimes you can’t believe what a fortune teller said. One of my cousins ​​was told his fate by a fortune teller when he was young. The fortune teller is still A relative of my aunt, the fortune teller at that time could tell from his facial expression that he was likely to leave when he was twenty-three.

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