Six-line fortune-telling method Is six-line fortune-telling accurate?

Although I am not very good at studying, I have been studying for almost ten years. I first learned from my uncle, who was a former principal of a rural elementary school, and he learned from a folk professional fortune teller What I have learned, in fact, apart from the basic knowledge, is a long set of oral judging but the accuracy has not reached 100%. The first six-yao prediction is a branch of fortune-telling in the Book of Changes. It has been developed to the present and its theory is proven It is tested by practice, whether it is accurate or not, it is the facts, not what I say is accurate. Any fortune-telling in the Book of Changes, or even other prediction methods in the world, the methods are all random, such as Qimen Liuren, plum blossoms and even birthday horoscopes; 1. The predictor puts three copper coins in his hand, clases his hands tightly, and recites the measured thing silently. 2. Puts the palms together and shakes it into the hexagram plate, and throws it six times to form a hexagram. The stems and branches, together with the six relatives and six beasts, mainly rely on the use of the five elements of the gods to prosper, combined with the words of the Book of Changes, to judge things; the method of divination is Tiangua OOOOOO. Everything is going well, and the fortune is gradually increasing in the future. It is inferred that the lawsuit is auspicious, the patient is cured, the fame is successful, and the name is auspicious. Hexagram method, the specific method is to use three coins, usually ancient copper coins, usually ancient copper coins, "Qianlong Tongbao" is the best, and coins can also be used to shake the hexagram. The hexagram 1 yuan is relatively heavy to use, and it is not suitable. The following uses "Qianlong Tongbao" as an example to illustrate the specific shaking.

Metaphysics is higher than science, there is no dispute comparing saplings with thousand-year-old trees with no saplings. The eight characters behind these are five thousand years of ancient astronomy is too profound, there are too many factions, and the science is only two hundred years at most. We all know that behind the theoretical system of mechanics is the horoscope of celestial gravity. Behind the theoretical system is; The hexagram, however, Liusan is Laoyin, and the hexagram is the Qian hexagram, so the Lu hexagram is used to solve the hexagram "Six and three can see, lame can walk, walk on the tail of a tiger, swear at people, and fierce warriors are for the majesty" to solve the hexagram ,"subtle".

Dayan divination method and Liuyao are often used by people to seek answers to the future, but they are both methods of divination, and no method is necessarily accurate. Dayan divination method is a traditional Chinese divination One of the methods is that it usually uses divination or called Caoce Guijia instead of the two methods of Liuyao and Dayan divination. Qimen and other fortune tellers use horoscopes, Ziwei, etc.; many friends who are new to Liuyao do not have enough knowledge of the characteristics and knowledge of Liuyao, and basically stay at the same cognitive level as poker fortune-telling. Driven by strong curiosity , I want to experience my own career, wealth, marriage, etc. through the six-line prediction. In what ways can the six-line prediction help us? First, understand the six-line prediction.

Six-line fortune-telling is six-line fortune-telling accurate

Question 3 Is six-line fortune-telling accurate? The accuracy rate is more than 90%, but the method of hexagram formation, the mental state of the hexagram is very important. Generally speaking, the accuracy rate is high when using coins to shake the hexagram, but the accuracy rate is not high when randomly starting the hexagram online or using time to start the hexagram. After these have been completed, the final task falls on; although both Liuren and Liuyao are fortune-telling methods, there are still some differences. Let me introduce it to you. I hope that you can understand yourself more deeply while doing fortune-telling. Liuren and Liuyao Liuren and Liuyao are two wonderful flowers of traditional Chinese magic, but they are two wonderful flowers of traditional Chinese magic; the method of divination of marriage with the official ghost line is the man's side, and the wife's wealth line is used for marriage divination. For the female party, the parental line is the marriage contract, and the middle line is the matchmaker. If it is a man who predicts marriage, the world line is yang line, and the answer line is yin line, which means happiness and good luck. If a woman predicts marriage, the world line is yin line, Yingyao is Yang Yao, which is happy and auspicious; six-yao divination and fortune-telling is a method of divination and prediction in the Book of Changes. Six-yao, the six-yao are also named from bottom to top. Use yarrow for divination, and refer to itemmb4d for divination and fortune-telling through three acts and six lines; other methods, report the number and time, turn the page, grab chess pieces and write. The first method is the most standard for the above methods. Not the most important thing, the heart is the fundamental. How to take the yin and yang of the Liuyao Yao Gua Generally speaking, the inside is Yin, the outside is Yang, the opposite is Yin, the positive is Yang, both are Yin, and single is Yang; What can be predicted? Many friends who are beginners of Liuyao do not have enough knowledge of the characteristics and knowledge of Liuyao. They basically stay at the same cognitive level as poker fortune-telling. Driven by strong curiosity, they want to experience Liuyao prediction. In terms of my own career, wealth, marriage, etc., in what ways can Liuyao prediction help us? first.

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