Luoyang Peony Park Fortune Telling Tickets for Luoyang Peony Park

1. The 2015 Luoyang Peony Festival China National Garden is located in the south of Luoyang Bridge. Below the garden is the ruins of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. To the north is the beautiful Luopu Park. To the west is the Sui and Tang Ruins Botanical Garden of more than 2800 mu. The National Garden covers an area of ​​1,500 mu. It should be the largest peony garden in Luoyang. There are more than 1,000 varieties of peonies and 380,000 plants. The most beautiful peony garden in Luoyang Peony Flower Fair is recommended. Wangcheng Park Wangcheng Park is located on Zhongzhou Middle Road At the intersection with Wangcheng Avenue, it is named after it was built on the site of Wangcheng in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. It is the venue of the first Peony Flower Fair and the main venue of previous Peony Flower Fairs. There are peonies in nine colors in the largest zoo in western Henan. A total of 858; the unemployed, the minimum living allowances, the five guarantees, the sanitation workers, the management and the police, and the non-statutory holidays during the Peony Culture Festival, from Monday to Friday, can enter the Huimin free of charge with valid certificates in the counties and districts of Luoyang City According to the flower situation forecast of the 39th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival; Luoyang Station International Peony Garden passes by scenic spot Luoyang Peony Garden International Peony Garden operates at 8001700, and there is a bus every 60 minutes. Peony Park National Peony Garden Luoyang National Garden Luoyang Peony Garden Wangcheng Park Yingtianmen Departure Time 800105014001650; Science and Technology Park Nine Colors Taibai Garden and Characteristic Garden are the best places to watch, there are begonias and peaches in full bloom in a large area in Peony Park. A total of 8,000 peonies, about 150 varieties, among which about 3,000 are Daojin, Luoyang, Red Magnolia, Fragrance, Black Sea and Gold, and other varieties, including about 3,000.

2. Tourist attractions in Luoyang, Henan include Wangcheng Park, China National Garden, Sui and Tang Dynasty City Relics Park, Longmen Grottoes White Horse Temple, Wangcheng Park, Wangcheng Park, which has a strong cultural atmosphere, and the peony viewing area is mainly composed of Luoyang Peony Garden, Purple Spot Peony Garden Boutique The three major gardens of the Peony Garden are located at No. 312 Zhongzhou Middle Road, Xigong District, Luoyang City; Sui and Tang Ruins Botanical Gardens are 20 yuan for the early blooming period, 40 yuan for the full flowering period, and 20 yuan for the declining period. The National Peony Garden is 50 yuan for the full blooming period and 40 yuan for the declining period. Yuanren International Peony Garden is 50 yuan for the blooming period and 20 yuan for the fading period. Luoyang Peony Garden is 40 yuan for the early opening period and 20 yuan for the fading period. Self-driving Jiefang Road Zhongzhou Middle Road Yan'an Road Xiyuan Road Peony Park Tickets are free 1 Part of the free flower viewing park is determined. During the 37th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, April 1, May 5, Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Tianxiang Peony Garden, Luoyang Agricultural Expo Garden, free flower viewing, visitors can get free tickets with valid certificates 2; Tickets are free, 1 part is free, and the flower viewing park is confirmed. During the 37th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, April 1, May 5, Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Tianxiang Peony Garden, Luoyang Agricultural Expo Garden will implement free garden viewing, and tourists can enjoy free of charge with valid certificates. Get tickets to enter the park 2. Price reduction and exemption methods and policies to benefit the people 1. Implement preferential policies; 2. The flowering period of Luoyang Shenzhou Peony Garden is from April 14 to 20. The address is opposite to Baima Temple. There are five scenic spots in the matching garden, where you can enjoy a wide variety of peonies and learn about peony culture. The peonies here are in full bloom on April 14, and there are snowy peach blossoms; Xiyuan Park Peony Park Tianxiang Peony Garden Luopu Park Xingluo From April 6th to May 5th, Luoyang City will meticulously launch the "Walking in Luoyang and Understanding History" Luoyang Peony Best in the World Network Promotional Campaign Preferential Policies 2022 China National Garden Sui and Tang City Ruins Botanical Garden.

3.1 Luoyang Peony Garden The area where Luoyang National Peony Garden is located is the original site of Luoyang Peony, the former site of the Sui Dynasty Xiyuan Tang Dynasty Shendu Garden, and the earliest peony planting area in China. Luoyang Peony Garden is located in Luoyang City On Wangcheng Avenue, our garden was built earlier in Luoyang and is the most famous garden with the most peony treasures. Many international friends have come to the garden to enjoy flowers 2; how much is a ticket for Luoyang Peony Garden in 2022, and how are the specific preferential policies? Gardens Sui and Tang City Ruins Botanical Garden Wangcheng Park Statutory holidays and Saturdays and Sundays 30 yuan person-time China National Garden, Sui-Tang Ruins Botanical Garden, 10 yuan person-time, Wangcheng Park, 20 yuan person-time including the zoo Monday to; Luoyang has a wide variety of peonies, rich in colors except the common pink And white, as well as other colors such as black and green. The Peony Flower Festival is full of colorful flowers, and the scenic spots and streets are beautifully decorated with peonies. Wangcheng Park, Luoyang National Peony Garden and other places are good places to enjoy peony. After being introduced into China.

4. Luoyang Wangcheng Park Peony Garden is the best. Personally recommend Wangcheng Park and China National Garden. , Appreciating peonies under the cover of pavilions and pavilions is the largest style here. There are peony pavilions and peony fairies in the park.

Luoyang Peony Park Fortune Telling Luoyang Peony Park Tickets

5. Peony is famous for Luoyang peony and Heze peony. The crown of pink, red, white, etc. is pink, and the name of white is that Jingyu takes advantage of the unique mountainous advantages. The park adopts natural terraced fields in the design, which rises and falls with the mountains and is formed with green plants.

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