Look at the Universiade in the horoscope How to read the Universiade in the horoscope

The Universiade method of yang men and yin women is arranged in a straight line, yin men and yang women are arranged in reverse, and the general arrangement is eight-step luck. In the year of Gengxu, the male is born in the month of Jimao, and in the year of Yang, the male is born. The Universiade is Gengchen, Xinsi, Renwu, Gui Wei, Jiashen, Yiyou, Bingxu, Dinghai, Gengxu year Ji Maoyue gave birth to a daughter, a Yang year gave birth to a daughter, the Universiade Wuyin, Ding Chou.

1 The so-called 10-year Universiade, 10 years for a Universiade is two words composed of heavenly stems and earthly branches. If the earthly branch plays a good role in the horoscope, the luck is good, and if it plays a bad role, the luck is bad.

Dingyou year Jiachenyue gave birth to a girl, a girl born in a Yin year, her big luck is Yisi Bingwu Dingwei Wushen Jiyou Gengxu Xinhai Renzi horoscope how to arrange Universiade Universiade Universiade Universiade number Universiade number The starting method is calculated by taking three days to be equivalent to one year, that is, one day is equivalent to four months, and one hour is equivalent to five days.

Look at the Universiade in the horoscope

How to look at the Universiade in the horoscope" Fate and luck are separated, and the four pillars represent Fate, Universiade is luck, only by combining the two can we better predict good and bad luck, and Universiade is generally arranged through the moon pillar among the four pillars, men and women are also different, luck together is a big The method of movement and arrangement is that yang, men and yin women are arranged in an orderly manner, and yin and men, yang and women are reversed.

The horoscope is like a car, and the fortune is like a road. A good car is doomed to be difficult to drive fast on a bad road. In the same way, no matter how good a life is, everything will go badly when the fortune is extremely bad. The Universiade rowing method in the horoscope is to look at the fortune of several decades in a person's life. In the years of bad luck, it is suitable for meditation and self-cultivation.

Arrange a person's Universiade stems and branches, but also know the direction of Universiade, Yinmaochen is east wood luck, Siwu is south fire luck, Shenyouxu is west gold luck, Hai Zichou is north water luck to see a person The Universiade is mainly based on the earthly branches, which represents which direction or place to go, supplemented by the heavenly stems, and it is also necessary to know the Universiade heavenly stems.

Life is short but a hundred years in a hurry, and the fate of fate is also ever-changing, full of many fates. There is a saying "Great luck fleeting years" in fate, which still plays a big role in the horoscope, so big What is the meaning of the separation of the year of luck, if you are interested, you may wish to come and learn about the meaning of the Universiade.

1 Universiade is a commonly used term in numerology. The luck status of the ten-year stage "Lucky people, luck is also", "husband lucky people, pass on life" The size of luck is divided by the length of time.

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