Laofengxiang Lucky Pig Video Laofengxiang Golden Pig Ornament Price

Lucky Lucky Fortune Transfer Pig Bracelets, Pendants, and Rings can be paired with a gold storm! More than 10 grams can participate in this promotion. Diamond storm strikes diamonds; send Laofengxiang limited holiday gift box with silver lucky golden pig. The deadline for likes is 1700 on December 29, and the winning announcement time is January 1. Hurry up and buy Xinxueqing Falling in red gift box.

Looking for wealth and wealth transfer pigs, bracelets, pendants and rings can be matched. The lowest price in the history of Laofengxiang gold is only 199 yuan for the first gram of Laofengxiang gold! More than 10 grams of diamonds can participate in this discount.

How much is a Laofengxiang Golden Pig?

Laofengxiang Jiamei New Times Store on the 16th has been grandly opened in the long-awaited! Congratulations to the fifth store of Laofengxiang! Many benefits are waiting for you! Golden pigs send blessings, good luck in the new year and go back again! you buy me.

Xichang Laofengxiang Silver House welcomes the new year with great discounts and big actions to receive Lucky Fortune Golden Pig, Juicing Cup, and Hand Cream for free. I will teach you three steps to get gold.

How much is the Laofengxiang Golden Pig Bracelet?

Send~Forward this link to Moments and comment on 17 "Laofengxiang 170th Anniversary Birthday" enter the store to receive a lucky pig sterling silver pendant for free 2000 pieces are limited to 200 per day during the collection period.

Lao Fengxiang Lucky Pig Video Lao Fengxiang Golden Pig Ornament Price

Is Lao Fengxiang Lucky Pig authentic? A is a genuine product, one item and one certificate are directly authorized by the Laofengxiang store. The product certificate included in the package can be scanned online to inquire Q. Where can I find after-sales service?

QIs Laofengxiang Lucky Pig authentic? A is an authentic product, directly authorized by Laofengxiang store, one item and one certificate, the product certificate is included in the set, you can scan the QR code of the certificate to inquire about Q sales online.

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