Judge a woman by her face Judge a woman's fate by her face

Because of the heavy yin energy in women's body, the body is naturally round and soft, so the best jawline should be square, round, plump, thick and rich. Women with this kind of face generally have a peaceful temperament, live a comfortable life, and have good luck in their old age. Able to take good care of yourself Although a woman has an oval face can add a lot of color to her, but if her jaw is ruddy, her cheekbones are slightly shiny, girls with such a face have a balanced energy and blood, and a stable liver energy. Usually, girls in this state Gentle personality, sincere in dealing with others, once they find out who they belong to, they will wholeheartedly manage it. Girls with this kind of face have high understanding, and usually get along very well with them. Girls with wide nose and fleshy nose can not only gather wealth.

In physiognomy, earlobes are considered to be related to a person's wisdom and fortune. 1. If a woman's earlobes are plump and fleshy, such earlobes mean that she has a very good fortune and a person with both wealth and honor.

Illustration of Judgment by Facial Appearance that women are prone to cheating

Women with more butterfly spots and strong cheekbones have stains and black moles, there is a problem with the small intestine meridian, the most yang meridian on the small intestine meridian, while men Women who belong to yang, cheekbones stains are yang problems, so it is easy to overcome men's fortune. Women with moles or moles on cheekbones tend to have a yang personality, do things domineering, and are ruthless.

Introduction Some women are born with a good life. Not only are they beautiful, they have a good figure, and they find a handsome boyfriend. Below I will list the top 10 features of a lucky woman, see how many you have, and congratulate you if you have more than half of them.

A woman with good looks 2. Nose is the treasury and husband star. If you want to become a rich wife, you can get a glimpse of the truth from the nose. The nose should match the five sizes, the bridge of the nose should be straight, fleshy, moist and plump, not too high and not too low, not to suppress nasal leakage, and the head should be round.

Many times, we judge a person’s numerology through some external characteristics. So today let's take a look at the interpretation of the complete interpretation of women's face fortune-telling illustrations, the relevant content of women's face analysis and illustrations.

The view of Fude Palace is that the "Tiancang" at the end of the eyebrows is the main part, and the "basement" at the chin is also considered. It must be relatively beautiful to be considered beautiful and to indicate good business luck. Blessed and virtuous, able to sit back and enjoy wealth In the face of a woman, we can see a woman's wealth and blessings through a woman's Fortune Palace, etc., if.

Family judges whether a woman is slutty

The view of Fude Palace is mainly based on the "Tiancang" at the end of the eyebrows, and also the "basement" at the chin. Relatively beautiful, it is considered beautiful and it means good business luck, good fortune and virtue, and can enjoy wealth and wealth. In the face of a woman, we can see a woman's wealth and blessings through a woman's fortune palace.

Every man wants to marry a good woman, and whether a person is a good woman can be distinguished from his face So, what are the top ten faces of good women? In this issue, follow me to understand the analysis of the top ten faces of a good woman, and let's increase knowledge together! Ten facial features of a good woman 1. Full chin A girl with a round chin is not only easy to get along with.

Judge a woman by her face and judge a woman's fate by her face

We all know that our face can tell our fortune in life. In this issue, follow me to learn about the good looks of girls How to see, let's increase knowledge together! Inventory of the best faces of women First, the chin is round and thick. As the saying goes, "the sky is full and the ground is round" to describe how good a person's face is.

A round head and a flat forehead are the first of the nine virtues for women. A woman with a round forehead has a certain degree of wisdom, considers problems carefully, has a good memory, and has a strong learning ability. Because the forehead represents the official salary palace, so A bright future in life. The forehead also represents the husband star. A woman with a round forehead has a strong husband star. The nose should not be too round and full.

You should also consider both yin and yang, and the best place to observe women’s yin and yang is their waist and buttocks. Because women’s slender and soft waists are the best symbol of feminine symbols, women’s plump buttocks , is a typical representative of the masculine totem.

The face is round, the chin is thick and fleshy, the nose is thick and the wings are fleshy This girl's life at home is okay, and her family loves her very much. Such a girl generally lives a relatively comfortable life, and there won't be many.

It refers to the state of the woman's spirit and complexion. First of all, what Shenjing said is that the woman's spirit should be calm. The specific judgment can be seen from the eyes. If the eyes are peaceful and energetic, there is no trance, anxiety or anxiety It can be regarded as tranquility, and Sean means that women's complexion should be bright and rosy, and it is better to avoid dull and dark hair. Such women are often more loyal to love.

Whether the personality is good or not, everyone can tell from the face. Among them, if it is a woman's physiognomy, the cheekbones are more beautiful, then this kind of woman belongs to Wangfu Mashiko Oh, and it can also be of great help to the family and the husband, and if it is a woman who is clear among people.

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