I Ching front teeth What is the Feng Shui of front teeth?

1. If there is too much gap between the two front teeth, it often means that the relationship between his father and mother is not harmonious, often quarrels and conflicts occur, and the relationship is very uncoordinated. After getting married, life will be more difficult. There are twists and turns, big differences with the spouse, and the relationship is not good. If the front teeth grow more neatly naturally.

2. People with large incisors are mostly strong and energetic, but stubborn and self-willed, wanting to be more reckless. If the incisors are too large, they often have gastrointestinal problems. Big teeth refer to large teeth , Vigorous and popular, which means that people with big teeth are energetic, energetic, and have good interpersonal relationships, but they are careless and careless.

3. There is no sign. The Book of Changes is scientific and not superstitious. It can only be said that the life span of the front teeth is up, and its brother is gone.

4. Tooth loss is a bad sign, but in real life, pay more attention to safety factors.

5. No, the amount of wealth is predestined, and you will not lose money because of gaps in your teeth.

6. Now medically speaking, the teeth replaced by children should be kept, and they will have medical uses in the future, which is also confirmed.

Is there any feng shui on the front door of the Book of Changes

7. A few days ago, I heard from a school girl that she has been learning the book of changes, gossip and metaphysics from her master for a while and other things, and she also went out every night to solve her worries, and also learned some experience in physiognomy, and discussed the Feng Shui of the family with broken front teeth. She remembered that my front teeth were broken, so she thought of asking me which side was broken. Said it was the right side, she said male.

8. A businessman dreams of two front teeth, which means that the business was not good at first, and later he will be profitable. Dreaming of two front teeth, according to the analysis of the five elements of the Book of Changes, the auspicious color is orange, and the lucky number is 8 , the peach blossom is in the due west, and the wealth is in the northwest. Lucky food is peas. Dreaming of locking the door indicates success in career and careful choice.

9. The Book of Changes embodies the changes in the world of emotional devices. It can be used greatly, or it can help others and other things, but it may not be useful to yourself. If you understand that people have no self, law and no self, always remember to act The heart of renunciation, bodhicitta, and emptiness without dual wisdom is the change and difficulty contained in the way of changing. It's just that you can't achieve these three hearts, and you often suffer from gains and losses.

10. My friend, don’t be too superstitious. In fact, the bigger the front teeth, I think it’s not easy to leak money. Whether a person can keep him or not mainly depends on his own thoughts.

11. What do big front teeth mean? Sexuality, speak frankly, if you add big and neat front teeth, it is easy to be welcomed by the opposite sex.

12. 2. If you dream that your two front teeth have fallen out, you should call your parents, drive a car, be late, make travel plans, celebrate birthdays, and eat peanuts3 What does it mean to dream that two front teeth have fallen out? Dreaming that two front teeth have fallen out, according to the analysis of the five elements of the Book of Changes, the auspicious color is .

13. A businessman dreams that two front teeth are broken in half, which means that the business does not take advantage of losses, and there are rumors to slander. , the lucky number is 0, the wealth is in the west, the peach blossom is in the north, and the lucky food is green onions.

14. 3 People with large front teeth indicate vigorous activities and strong sexual desire. 4 People with small upper and lower teeth have a strong sense of vigilance and deep jealousy. 5 People who hate teeth have a rough personality , easy to bring danger, and born with a fortune 6 people with gaps in the front teeth, not only have little relationship with their parents, but also lack of wealth luck 7.

15. It depends on whether there is a difference between the three stops, five senses and twelve signs when there are front teeth and no front teeth. If it affects anything, it may only be the cashier of the five senses, which will ruin the fortune, and it will be fine if it is filled.

16. Pregnant people dreamed that the front teeth let me get rid of blood, indicating that they will have a boy, autumn will give birth to a daughter, and the mother and child will be safe. There will be heirs to your property. Dreaming that the front teeth let me get rid of blood, according to the analysis of the five elements of the Book of Changes, the auspicious color is orange, and the financial position is in the north direction.

17. Dreaming of front teeth falling out, implying health problems of elders In the northwest direction, the lucky food is eggplant. Travelers dream of their wife losing their front teeth. It is recommended to postpone or temporarily change the date due to an accident. Dreaming of lower front teeth.

18. The Book of Changes reveals and describes the inner law of the movement, change and development of all things in the universe. This law is the most popular and essential law of birth, old age, sickness and death, and even simpler is the law of life and death. There is life and death, there is no eternal life and there is no eternal death. Life and death are samsara, cyclical.

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