House Bagua pattern diagram of house Bagua pattern

When choosing a house, it is very important to carefully study the house type map and observe the construction site or house type of the entire house. It is Gen, the northwest is Qian, the southeast is Xun, and the southwest is Kun. 2 Villas with missing corners in the south can be seen from the house type diagram. The position refers to the sky, the doctor's qi prolongs the year, the four evil positions refer to the scourge of death, the five ghosts and the six evil spirits. These eight positions are determined according to the changes in the directions of the eight trigrams after determining the orientation of the gate. There is a set of complicated methods in it. , we don't have to learn.

1 Two households facing each other is a big taboo. Feng Shui pays attention to life and death, either you are prosperous or you are dead. You can hang a convex gossip mirror on the door, or add a screen inside the door. 2. The whole house is square , slightly missing the northeast corner, if there is a girl, you need to resolve it. Starting to go due east, respectively referring to Qiankan, Genzhen, Xunli, and Kundui. Why don’t you use innate gossip instead of acquired gossip? Teacher Xu Mozhai said that many houses are not old houses with 2 or 3 floors, but floors. Every.

People who have read "Feng Shui Layout of Houses Sitting Southeast to Northwest" have also read 1 House facing Feng Shui 2 Feng Shui taboos for houses in the northwest 3 Feng Shui taboos for residential houses 4 Feng Shui house five elements and eight trigrams have been liked and stepped on lt What is your opinion on this answer? Comments are put away, recommended for you, especially recommended for good people on the Internet; residential feng shui layout, the most livable residential feng shui layout, residential feng shui layout, one hall, small room, bright hall, dark room. From the perspective of residential feng shui, the layout of the living room must be larger than the room, which is It makes sense, because the living room is a place where the family gathers and talks, and it is also the first impression of the guests when they visit. The spacious and bright living room shows the host.

Illustration of House Eight Diagrams Pattern

On the contrary, if the external situation is not legal, major engineering renovations will be unavoidable. 2 Sitting southwest and facing northeast, it belongs to Kunzhai from the perspective of gossip, and its financial position is due east and southwest, but the living room equipment of the house in this orientation.

What type of house has the best geomantic omen 1 A sunny or well-lit house must have good geomantic omen. , the emphasis is on the method of storing wind and absorbing qi, and one of the ways to absorb qi is to accept the light and white qi of the sky.

After the foundation of the house is selected, the Fengshui master determines the orientation of the house, which is called "direction". The steps are as follows: The progress of the courtyard is measured one by one, drawn on a large piece of paper, and the scale of the plan is mostly 1100, and then the general map is divided into eight trigrams and nine palaces, and written down.

If a certain direction lacks more than one-ninth of the total area of ​​the house, it will cause the lack of the eight trigrams corresponding to the direction, and it will also hurt the family members corresponding to the hexagram. If things don't go well, you will encounter disasters. Only a square, square and square house can ensure that every family member has their own place, safe and happy.

Generally, the oblique angle of the entrance, the taboo of wealth and orientation is also related to the attributes of the owner, and there are gossip, which focus on four main aspects, one is when the fifth house was built, The seat of the second house is three, the character of the owner is four, and the attributes of this year are so taboos. According to the pattern, the house is square or north-south.

Five elements and eight diagrams are often used when looking at Feng Shui, especially in real estate. Let me introduce the method for you, I hope it will be helpful for you to look at real estate with five elements and eight diagrams Fengshui method Kanzhai The building facing south is called Kanzhai, and it is called "water house" in the five elements.

The layout drawing of the best orientation of the Yangzhai sitting on the Qian and Xun "Nine Stars Regulating Qi" seeks auspicious position layout rural Genshan Kunxiang self-built house eight trigrams layout diagram urgently seeks expert guidance for houses to sit northeast to southwest, with mountains on the left and mountains on the right.

There are missing corners in the house. The eight directions of the house have eight trigrams corresponding to them in Yili. Only when the eight directions are full can every family member be safe and healthy. It will bring devastating harm to the corresponding family members. Therefore, the missing corner of the house is a great Feng Shui taboo.

House Bagua Pattern Diagram of House Bagua Pattern

Detailed Explanation of House Bagua Pattern

It is best to have a square shape in the house that conforms to the Eight Diagrams and Nine Palaces. If there is a missing corner in the house, the most indispensable thing is the northwestern house. .

The west and northwest of the house are all gold. If the kitchen is arranged in these directions, it will form the phenomenon of fire over gold, which will cause the lungs and large intestines of the little girl, or the elderly men at home, head There is a problem at all, which is analyzed from the eight trigrams of the house. The layout of the fish tank should not be in the pattern of the home.

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