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The first book: "Awakening, My Era" Author: Crazy Little Reed Words: 1.22 million

Introduction: To be honest, the feeling of this book is given to me in the time travel text It feels the most real. In other books, the protagonist directly meets some big bosses as soon as he travels, and then talks with eloquence, completely conquering those big bosses, and then he just hangs out all the way. , the heart is actually very flustered, after all, if your historical and cultural achievements are not good, traveling to the past will be of great use! And like the Republic of China in this book, it was very chaotic, and you lost your life if you were not careful, so you need to be careful every step of the way, even if you have the ability, you can't show it too falsely, so as not to be suspected, what? When did you give it to me? I feel very good, five-star praise is here

The second book: "Han Que" Author: July Xinfan Number of words: 1.98 million

Introduction: This kind of historical text can no longer be regarded as It is simply called a fast food web article, but it should be called a literary work in a serious way. Most of the historical events, policies, character backgrounds, time planning, character traits, landforms, regional customs, eating habits, folk situations, etc. are written in it. The trend of the times has been rigorously researched by the author, and it is presented in vivid and interesting statements, which is very close to history and respects history.

And the author has a sharper vision. For example, the time traveler always has a technology tree, which is different from other casual novels. There is an impressive plot in the article. Is not willing, the author has not explained the reason, in fact, it is probably because the biggest beneficiary of the improved saddle is not the Han but the nomads. A little detail is enough to prove the excellence of this book. It can not only present the history bit by bit so that readers can learn a lot of knowledge after reading the book, feel the charm of history, but also have deep interest and readability. Such a book is not popular? impossible!

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The third book: "Little Scholar" Author: Rong Xiaorong Word count: 2.86 million

Introduction: You can read the pictures Look, very fussy persuasion. This is the first time I watched this type of drama, Ruanfanliu. I read a lot of historical fiction. Generally speaking, the protagonists are slandering Fang Qiu. It's people who are cowardly and down-to-earth, that is, when they meet people with high status, the protagonist uses the library system in his head to reveal a little bit of modern knowledge, which makes people's eyes shine, and suddenly they see you, those people think you are an old nb and value you , and then use modern knowledge to do business, chase girls, status and status, money will come.

It can be said that most of the heroines appearing in the article belong to the male protagonist, but I personally feel that the emotional line is too far-fetched. Well, I just feel that the protagonist's emotional cowardice makes me feel old, basically relying on pretending to be stupid and pretending to confess, or the heroine takes the initiative, which is indeed a soft meal. In addition, the villain is not particularly outstanding, it is purely used as a stepping stone for the protagonist, and the whole process is a cool text that is crushed all the way.

The fourth book: "The Great Bandit" Author: Ao Gu Tie Xin Word count: 2 million

Good-looking fortune-telling novels and novel books about fortune-telling are free

Introduction: This book is a good book, and now this kind of novels that travel through history are compared Hot, I hope that China is strong, China is prosperous, and the Han family is unified. Although there are some minor problems in this novel, the study of history and the characteristics of China still have a deep understanding. After in-depth analysis, I have seen the essence of some affairs, and I am a little bit angry. , but still a masterpiece!

The fifth book: "The Great Ming Begins with Prudence" Author: Yixiao Chengming Words: 2.1 million

Introduction: In the eleventh year of Hongzhi, Hongzhi Zhongxing is going from prosperity to decline. They became old and retired, and the three members of the cabinet were getting old. Emperor Hongzhi tried his best to govern, but he couldn't push Daming to a higher level of peace and prosperity.

At this time, in a dilapidated courtyard in the northwest corner of the capital, a scholar was flipping through historical materials, checking whether this Ming Dynasty and the one before crossing were closely related.

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