Fengshui in Nantong The best place for Fengshui in Nantong

1. How to look at the Fengshui of Tongzhou villas 1 The fan-shaped terrain of the Fengshui layout of Tongzhou villas. Geographically speaking, the fan-shaped terrain surrounded by two mountains is due to the rapids passing by for many years, and the river water carries sediment. Yes, especially at the outlet of the river, a large amount of sediment has accumulated, which is very dangerous. 2 Tongzhou villas.

2. Hello, the feng shui of Yi'an Garden in Nantong is very good. It belongs to a real estate with a very beautiful environment. The property management is relatively standardized.

3. It is suitable for Jiangsu, which belongs to the northwest city. The city in the northwest is more suitable for the development of the dragon's own destiny. , It belongs to the financial position and solemnly declares that the content of the answer is for reference only, please do not blindly believe in it.

4. For modern Fengshui, you should understand it better than me. There is no need for me to repeat it. For houses with modern characteristics, it is best to observe and think with a modern scientific perspective, rather than entangle The ancient Fengshui observation and thinking are more accurate. Don't let the ancient Fengshui concept blind your rational heart. Modern residential buildings are built with modern ideas.

5. The focus of the guide is the incoming and outgoing water in the bathroom, and the water vapor is very heavy. If it is opened in the southwest or northeast two directions where the air is most prosperous, there will be the disadvantage of "soil restraining water" Therefore, it is unlucky, especially the health of the family will be damaged. Avoiding the eight items of Fengshui in the bathroom should not help the body to be healthy and strong.

Nantong's Fengshui is the best place for Nantong's Fengshui

6. The five mountains in the Langshan Scenic Area are formed by strong crustal changes and sea and land changes. It has been 3.5 billion years ago With a history of 400 million years, 1 million years earlier than the Himalayas and 7500 years ago, Langshan and others were still a small island in the vast sea. make.

7. Other items and methods for improving feng shui are effective. The examples and factual basis of the problem If you want to prosper and avoid evil spirits, it is recommended to buy some books and store them at home.

8. If you want to get a better answer, please upload the floor plan and the bird's-eye view of the surrounding environment, so that you can know that there is no data. Even the best Feng Shui master can't imagine it out of thin air, right? Don't buy the houses in the local area. There is no damage to the construction side.

9. If you live in Haimen, you can go directly to Yuan Xudong Fengshui master. He is the only Fengshui planner in Nantong who has passed the national examination. You can directly search for his phone number and address on the Internet. He has seen it once, and he is very satisfied. He can predict your past and predict your future. It's amazing, so I will recognize him, but he is not.

10. There is a small river in the last row of Litai Garden Community in Nantong Gangzha. Ponds, ponds, wells, and puddles. The problem of water is Juwang Township. There are waterways for wealth. There are ponds in front of the house. I am not afraid that the five kings have rivers and ponds.

11. The air is fresh, the countryside is green, and the residents are quite comfortable and comfortable. The residents who look at Fengshui, just as I once described, there is a large pond in the southeast of my house. As expected, there is a large pond in the southeast The pond, after the on-site survey by the compass, actually also occupies the water in the east.

12. When you decide to build a house, start to prepare materials, pull stones, transport sand, and tie handles. Relatives and friends will definitely come to help. This is called "neighbors help each other". Site selection, positioning Orientation The selection of housing bases usually requires "Mr. Geography" or "Mr. Yin and Yang" to look at Feng Shui. The sites of Neolithic houses discovered in my country are large.

13. See how his skills are. If he is good, you will think that the charges are accurate.

14. If the house is under the viaduct, it will be more troublesome in terms of Fengshui. In principle, it is more appropriate to be a little farther away from the viaduct. Jiang Jun, the twenty-fifth generation successor of Jiang's Sanyuan Geographical Fengshui, the master of Fengshui in Nanning, Jiangsu Province, is a researcher of Yijing Fengshui.

15. The reputation of Feng Shui masters is not very good. The credibility of such things is very low. Nothing bad happened in that place.

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