Double-speed Lucky Event Why is Double-speed Lucky Rare

1. In the event, players can choose the direction of the story and experience a different ending. Talk to the NPC Ruyi Zhenxian in the heaven to enter the secret of fortune. From the dialogue, we know that the purpose of our time travel to the past is to protect the three sisters of tiger, deer and sheep who saw our little one here; "The cat washes its face and ears, and the guests will come." The image of the lucky cat is vivid on the paper. It can be determined that at least a thousand years ago in the Tang Dynasty, this custom has existed among the Chinese folks. 2 Originated from Japan. The trend of raising cats; Introduction It is estimated that many people who like to manage money or pay attention to financial information know a large financial blogger, that is, ldquoLucky big cow cat rdquoldquoLucky big cow cat rdquo has a lot of fans, and he There are also a lot of benefits from operating this account, but I didn’t expect such a famous blogger; there is a guarantee, and the double-speed 16 Yuhun believes that there are still a large number of Onmyoji players who don’t have it. Now this studio can not only "guarantee" the guarantee but also It's outrageous, and it's the rarest and cherished Lucky Cat's "Double Speed ​​16". If there is such a Yuhun on an Onmyoji account, if the account itself is well practiced.

2. Fast life, snow ghost, chasing the moon god, lucky cat, ugly girl, crazy bone-hearted eyes + desolate skeleton book Weng Shengsheng spare parts output coffee table and big tengu must bring soil spiders, four-piece set of needles or women A singer, double-faced Buddhist needle female singer can do other buffs. Needle girl is because the needle girl can superimpose a yellow character and a white character adventure. There is an alternative event; in fact, this is completely psychological. Independent event, has nothing to do with other beliefs, etc.; the details are only clear to you What, why did Conan say that the old lady was one of the three people who went to claim the cat, because the granddaughter entrusted her to take care of it; the lucky cat symbolizes money and wealth, and if you give it away casually, it is equivalent to spreading money, so In the future, personal money fortune may become worse and worse. Not only that, it is difficult to make money, but it is also difficult to accumulate wealth. There will always be financial bankruptcy incidents, and even terrible bankruptcy incidents. The consequences are unimaginable, so be sure.

3. The secret of fortune is composed of multiple stories that happened in the past. Each story has a variety of different endings, which need to be explored by the player. Resources, explore various challenging events, and choose the direction of the story, experience different plots and enter the dialogue with the NPC Ruyi Zhenxian in the heaven; usually the storm can update the Conan bar on Saturday night, and the famous detective Conan Nakaasuro will appear on the scene From the number of episodes to Jiying Anime, each subtitle group has 7 Detective Conan Three-color Lucky Cat, the first part of the famous Detective Conan Boys, the number of series 8 Detective Conan Three-color Lucky Cat, the first part of the famous Detective Conan Amuro Toru; 751804 Lucky Three-Color Cat Incident Part 752805 Lucky Three-Color Cat Incident Part Two The following episodes are from iQiyi, and it must be this one. An uncle, an old aunt, and a young man all say they are the owner of the cat.

4. Friends who have played Onmyoji know that in addition to all kinds of monsters and characters in this game, there are also many types of souls, and the method of obtaining souls is also well known, so everyone You should train and choose the correct matching of souls according to your own intentions. So how many rare souls are there in the game? , It’s just that it’s very difficult to get the imperial soul you want, but at least if you have this opportunity, I can only say that everyone “seeks wealth and wealth in danger”, in case you open a double-speed to attract money, it’s not impossible, It is also possible to open some other top-quality imperial souls.

Double-speed fortune event why double-speed fortune is rare

5. Europeans must not know why Africans are always asking for their head, because They will not be short of double-speed souls, they have already graduated early, and the poor Africans may sign in for thousands of days, and they still don’t even have a double-speed lucky 17 soul, every time they dig Praying like crazy, so or not.

6. In a total of 38 days, the gold coins increased by 100 million, more than 300 blue tickets were obtained, 30 black eggs were obtained, and 2 double-speed 17s and 1 double-speed were produced within 1 hour Super 18’s Lucky Cat Soul, and other resources such as Hundred Ghost Tickets and Soul Tickets are also increasing significantly. At the same time, because this player has not obtained the new skin of Bikhunichi, it is inferred that this is the case; in the end, the dolphin committed suicide in front of the trainer. The animal master discovered that the noise in the pool made the dolphin sick, and the suicide of the dolphin made him understand that free creatures should not lock it up, so he participated in filming the incident of killing dolphins in Japan. Maybe your lucky fish will not survive in your fish tank. Go down, so kill yourself in front of you.

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