Deciphering the Book of Changes requires deciphering the Book of Changes, and it will be fine

1. This article is derived from Li Shouli's interpretation of the Book of Changes. Hexagram 51 requires Fu, Guangheng, and Zhenjili. In Dachuan vernacular, the hexagrams need to be honest, widely accessible, upright and auspicious, and suitable for crossing the river. The image of the hexagram is that the word "need" in the ancient oracle bone inscriptions has the shape of a water point, and the other.

2. Deciphering the Book of Changes is the code of life in the universe. , The code of non-daohongren universe depends on people to carry it forward and make good use of it, instead of waiting for that code to help us.

3. The bitterness and joy of traveling in the fifth hexagram Yusha 6, Xiaoyouyan 7, Jijiu San needs mud 8, and blood is needed to cause bandits.

4. Many people in Guangheng have great ambiguity in explaining this passage. In oracle bone inscriptions and bronze inscriptions, light refers to the country, and Guangguo helped Wu Ding put down many rebellions during Wu Ding's period , in the entire Zhouyi, there is only one combination of "Heng" and "Guang", which has to attract everyone's attention. After all, the hexagrams must emphasize that Guangguo is helping Wuding oracle bones.

5. How to solve the hexagrams? You use the method of solving the hexagrams in the Book of Changes. You can refer to the divination method mentioned by Zhu Xi in the Enlightenment of Yixue. The original hexagram changes the line and the line breaks the two line changes, and the two lines of the original hexagram are used to determine the two lines, but the above is the main three-line change, and the original hexagram and the change of the hexagram are used to determine the original hexagram as the chastity.

6. The fifth hexagram of the Book of Changes needs water and the sky needs the upper and lower lines. Lishe Dachuan shows that it is beneficial to travel long distances, and the meaning of the hexagrams that can be used for big actions is to have integrity and openness.

7. Deciphering the Dao of men and women in the Book of Changes. The relationship between ethics and constants is called the yin and yang of heaven and earth. The sun represents yang, the moon represents yin, and the combination of the sun and the moon is "bright".

The deciphering of the Book of Changes requires the deciphering of the Book of Changes, so it's all right

8. The hexagram symbolizes the beginning of the sky, prosperity, harmony, chastity and justice, saying that the sky is moving and healthy.

9. Not yet, this is the goal pursued by all interpreters. If anyone dares to say that he has a complete interpretation, then he will be in trouble. People dare to stand up, you understand.

10. The divination function of the Book of Changes has been mysterious and vague since the day it was born. If we meet someone in our life who says he can divination, we will involuntarily feel that People become mysterious, so Confucius, who is the most holy teacher, likes the Book of Changes because he likes the Book of Changes, while Wei Bian Sanjue advises the world not to divination, since divination is Yi.

11. The thinking mode of the Book of Changes is dialectical. You need Fu, Guanghengzhen, auspiciousness, Dachuan translation, need hexagrams to symbolize waiting, stick to the right way, have a bright future and prosperity.

12. The real truth is definitely not a bluff. When it comes to Confucianism, it is the earliest speech of Confucius, that is, the Analects of Confucius has been polished. I read the Four Books and Five Classics, and the rest are the key words and the Book of Changes that have nothing to do with Confucianism.

13. Be flexible and make the best use of the situation When facing difficulties, we need to be flexible and make the best use of the situation. According to the current situation and our own actual situation, we should take appropriate measures and strategies to solve the problem and make the best use of it. Resolving Difficulties The above are some methods and ideas that need to be paid attention to to resolve current difficulties with the I Ching.

14. Deciphering Bagua in Luoyang, Henan The author believes that Zhouyi is the most authoritative deciphering of gossip. The author has conducted a detailed study on Luoshu and Hetu, and believes that they reveal the greatness.

15. I have deciphered the Zhouyi and later generations interpreted it. Change, corresponding to what hexagram image, the solution is easy to compare with many false solutions, first understand the physical original image of the eight trigrams, the name of the hexagram is the fundamental image, and the hexagram image revolves around the real image.

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