Andy's face, is Andy handsome?

I think Qu Xiaoxiao is the real career master. Maybe many people first think that Andy is the real career master, because she has high IQ, high education, and perfect resume. At the same time, she also thinks that she has strong work ability. , is also very clean and neat in dealing with problems, but Andy has a flaw, her emotional intelligence affects her; Andy is a patient and persistent person, he uses all available resources to improve his plan and While escaping, Andy is a resentful person. For those who hurt himself, he must repay. For those who help themselves, Andy also helps them in his own actions. Andy's heart is very strong, just as.

Andy is a fantasy, caring boy, living a life of reality and fantasy, and he is willing to help others. A recognized classic of German-language children's literature that is still being reprinted to this day is Mira Lobe.

Andy's face Is Andy handsome

Who does Andy look like

1. Analysis of Andy's character image in The Shawshank Redemption Andy, the protagonist in the play, must have left a deep impression on everyone's mind. His human brilliance and excellent qualities are the most impressive. Andy is a young banker in the film, who originally took revenge on his wife. The affair, later repented and gave up the idea, no.

2. Andy is a self-confident, self-reliant, self-reliant person who does not rely on anyone. In the play, Andy is a god-like existence. In the eyes of Qu Xiaoxiao and others, he is a Idol, because Andy is self-reliant, especially at work. However, confidence is only at work, and Andy is not a confident person in life.

3. Andy is a wise man, but because of being framed, he went to prison, but finally he escaped from prison with his perseverance and wisdom. The people who arrived were very nice and willing to help others. They were good friends with Andy. The warden was a corrupt person, very cruel, in order to make Andy stay and help him.

4. Andy’s background is Wei Guoqiang’s daughter Andy’s character background Ode to Joy Andy’s maternal grandfather is a well-known painter, but her mother inherited the same mental illness as her maternal grandmother. Because of family reasons, she was abandoned since she was a child, and was later abandoned Adopted by a couple overseas and raised in the United States_Andy is a strong woman with a cold appearance and a very kind heart.

5. Even if Andy and Bao Yifan get married, even if Bao Yifan tries every means to take Andy's entrustment to Lao Tan to himself, but Lao Tan never agrees, he is not at ease, he is afraid Bao Yifan failed Andy, he was afraid that Andy would not be able to control Bao Yifan, and as Andy's best friend, he wanted to infinitely reduce the risk for Andy, no matter if he was reading the original novel or not.

6. In fact, Andy is a strong woman with a very high IQ.

7. Andy's life experience refers to Andy's life experience. In the play, Andy is a senior business elite who returned from New York. Walking alone, precise and formulaic speech and demeanor and massive knowledge reserve are impressive. Representatives of high IQ and low EQ, tough work.

8. Andy was imprisoned when he was young, and he is estimated to be over 50 when he came out. It is obviously inappropriate to be a banker at such an age. Returning to be a banker at this age will undoubtedly make the police pay attention to him. The risk is too great, and there is no need to take this risk to return to being a banker.

9. At the beginning of the movie, the protagonist Andy used a leisurely singing to bring out the scene where the protagonist Andy is holding a pistol and preparing for revenge. The serious and quiet scene of Andy and Andy's wife and lover's passion at the time of the crime, the sharp contrast between rationality and sensibility highlights Andy's "movement and stillness".

Andy's long Handsome?

1.1 The protagonist Andy is well-educated and has a decent job. What he embodies is the individualistic spirit of the West in pursuit of freedom, self-worth, and individual liberation. Dee never gave up the hope in his heart. During the nineteen years of prison life, the hardships did not destroy Andy's hope.

2. Andy is the illegitimate son of British singer Andrew Lawrence. Born in Edinburgh in 1992, his father is Andrew Lawrence and his mother is Anne Ramirez.

3. Different stages of Andy's life can make dreams come true Andy is a A young and promising banker, after discovering that his wife had an affair with a golf coach, his wife and golf coach died strangely. Therefore, Andy was accused of being a murderer and sentenced to life imprisonment. The reason comes in.

4. Andy is a senior business elite who returned from New York. The executives of the investment company are tall, beautiful, and cold beauty with outstanding temperament. Impressive representative of high IQ and low EQ, under the strong working ability, is innocent like a baby's heart is extremely sensitive to numbers, logic.

5. Almost all children have grandma and grandma, but Andy didn't, which made him very sad. However, one day, grandma fell from the sky and came to the apple tree of Andy's house. Grandma went to the playground with him to ride a wild horse and go on an adventure at sea... Grandma's dress was very strange, under the skirt Always showing the funny white underpants lace.

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