Ancient blood type distribution Ancient blood type test method

A great general in ancient times should have all blood types. In ancient times, wanting to become a great general had a lot to do with family background, personal physical, psychological quality and personal ability, and had little to do with his blood type.

A and O blood types are the most because there are the most Han people in China, and Han mainly originated from two branches, Yanhuang and Limin in the south. This is how the word Limin refers to ancient Jiuli and Limin Baiyue Yanhuang refers to the ancient Yanhuang tribe in the Central Plains, and Type A mainly originated from Yanhuang, while O is mainly Limin, so now Type A is relatively small.

Ancient blood type distribution Ancient blood type test method

At that time, Dr. Di Castro called this blood type D type, which is now AB type. In 1910, the American doctor Moss also independently discovered the blood group system, but the naming was inconsistent, which once caused confusion.

Blood type was discovered by Austrian pathologist and biologist Karl #8226 Lantsteiner in 1900, and he won the Nobel Prize for this. The ancient Greeks naturally did not know blood type.

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