A fortune-telling book A fortune-telling book

5 Liuren kind of fortune-telling books, the universe in the sleeve, and many other books about Liurenjin formulas. Yingliuren kept the secret version of Daliuren.

accurate fortune-telling book, very accurate fortune-telling book

Yiyuan Haiziping was compiled by Xu Dasheng in the Song Dynasty based on the achievements of Xu Ziping's fortune-telling in the East China Sea. It is the ancestor of horoscope numerology This book is the first book that divides the levels of fate into three, six, and nine grades based on the pattern of financial officials, seals and food injuries.

In the early days, I was just curious to learn. I kept improving it into a book. He compiled and integrated 8 kinds of palmistry and facial knowledge, including Maixiang, Liuzhuang, and Zeng Guofan, and added some examples based on his own experience and learning. , It is convenient for everyone to understand other physiognomy and fortune-telling books for lovers of physiognomy to learn and use for themselves.

After getting started, you should read Sanmingtong Huizipingzheng, not commentary, Ditiansui, etc., and recite related formulas such as Yuzhaoding, etc., because your fortune-telling foundation is not only the theory of five elements, but also There are others, such as ten gods, gods, etc. It depends on how long it takes, everyone is different, some people have half a year.

Ghosts and gods do not exist, so the accuracy of fortune-telling is the right or wrong of logical reasoning. Knowing five hundred years ago depends on extensive reading, and knowing five hundred years later depends on reasoning Yes, and the basis of this reasoning is that the five hundred years of the Book of Changes known before is to use your past and present to calculate your future, which is better than the street.

Yuanhai Ziping Sanming Tonghui, Quntong Baojian, Thousands of Fate Manuscripts, Renjianzi Pingzhen Full Screen, Ziping Zhenquan, Yuanhai Ziping, Shenfeng Tongkao, Shenfeng must be wrong, numerology Authentic, the fate is too far away, Tianyuan Fu, the big Nikkei, the big Nikkei book, Tianyuan Dayan, and the guard book Tianwenzhi.

Its status is very high in the academia of numerology 4 Qiongtong Baojian is a traditional numerology work of the Han nationality. Behavioral order is the weft, supplemented by cold and warm weather, with officials as the first and wealth as the second.

Complete edition of ancient Chinese fortune-telling and gods and gods Supplementary to the Seven Classics of Yi Lin Yi Mao Huo Zhu Lin.

Full book of fortune-telling Chen Tuan Ziwei Doushu belongs to astrology, Sanming Tonghuiyuan Haizi Pingdi Tiansui Li Xuzhong's fortune-telling book belongs to Bazi study, Mai Shenxiang belongs to physiognomy divination Zhouyi Meihua Yishu Tieban magic calculation, accounting for human affairs, studying Daliu Ren Jin Kui Yuheng Jing, accounting for position, personnel, learning good and bad luck.

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