A brief introduction to the story of a fortune teller at a stall

In the live fortune teller novel, Ye Yun is a native of the earth. He embarked on the fairyland by relying on the magic technique developed by himself, but was struck by lightning while crossing the catastrophe and unfortunately died. In a similar parallel world, he became a poor boy who achieved nothing, and was cheated by his girlfriend at the beginning, for his sake.

The brief introduction to a fortune telling a stall is a brief introduction to a fortune telling a stall. A brief introduction to a fortune telling a stall. God and man, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, fortune-telling, all of them are intelligible, all of which are spiritual. Recitation of articles can make people feel the artistic conception in the text. The higher the proficiency, the closer the distance, the stronger the effect of artistic conception. Seeing the secrets of the sky, knowing the destiny. </p><p>The name of the novel that Su Yu gave Li Shimin fortune-telling is Datang Don’t Pretend, You Are a Peerless Master. It's all broken. As a child from the countryside, he ate pickles and stayed up all night doing questions, and finally got into college. </p><p>The novel about Qianjin setting up a stall to tell fortunes is called Zhenqianjin’s fortune-telling novel Introduction Xiao Li has been in Taoism for a hundred years, and the watchdog Xiao Hei who came in at the same time has already ascended to the upper realm. I can only watch the gate and bask in the sun. The old ancestor showed her spirit and told her, Xiao Li, you came from another world, and your fate is not over. If you want to ascend, you have to go back to the original place. </p>         </div>
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