A Brief Introduction to How Powerful the Taoist Bagua Bodyguard Mantra is

The Taoist mantras we often see today are the Eight Great God Mantras from the morning and evening homework scriptures. It has been widely known through the Internet that the Eight Great God Mantras are several common mantras that are widely followed by many schools of Taoism. They are also used by Taoist priests in their daily homework. Purify the sins in the heart, protect the mind, and call the gods to protect and support. The use of the scriptures and lectures is to learn the Tao; the power of the mantra is directly proportional to the internal power of the mantra. Only by deeply immersing in the artistic conception of the mantra can a variety of different information be mobilized and better effects be produced. There are two types of mantras: vocal and silent, and sometimes the silent mantra is far superior.

Do not move the Buddha's heart ~ mantra ~ the benefits of the method of the Buddha do not move, if someone has committed all the five uninterrupted sins, as long as that person can see the mantra of the Buddha when he is dying, It can purify all these extremely heavy evil karma. Why do you kill your father, mother, and Arhat? These five evil karmas are called "inexhaustible" sins because they are; The mantra of the mind is too powerful to respond to changes without stopping, exorcise evil spirits, protect life, protect the body, wisdom and clarity, peace of mind, three souls are eternal, and the soul is not lost. Heart because of any of us.

Many Taoist friends on the Internet do not fully understand the connotation of these mantras. I am trying to explain them in plain language, hoping to make Taoist mantras more widely known. Indigenous religion, "Tao" is the highest belief. Taoism is based on the concept of worshiping ghosts and gods in ancient China. Huanglao Taoism; Tiandi's amulet can protect the body from evil erosion. If you go to the cemetery, or go to a dangerous place at night, or have In dark places, or when you go to the mortuary to see the dead, the amulet will protect you.

Taoism's eight great divine mantras to purify the heart and mind #160 Taishangtai star, constantly changing the situation, exorcising evil spirits, protecting life, protecting the body, wisdom and clarity, peace of mind and three souls are eternal, and the soul is as calm as the law, purifying the body and mind, Eliminate distracting thoughts, calm the mind, make all the hearts enter the silence, return to the Taoist heart, and enter the tranquility, which can protect the soul; refer to the Taoist instrument 1 Sanqingling is an important instrument in Taoist rituals, also known as Emperor Zhongfa One of the indispensable ritual tools in the Dharma meeting of bells and bells is generally made of copper, with a handle and a tongue inside the bell.

A brief introduction to how powerful the Taoist Eight Diagrams Bodyguard Mantra is

Just use this and don't use other golden light spells. The roots of ten thousand qi have been extensively cultivated for billions of kalpas, proving my supernatural powers inside and outside the three realms, but the Tao is the only one with a golden light, which reflects my body, which I can't see, and I can't hear it, encompassing the world, nurturing all living beings, accepting it and holding it ten thousand times, my body; this mantra is because of its It has a wide range of uses and powerful dharma, so it is a Taoist secret mantra, and its hidden cultivation methods are different from each other. Folk Taoists also have many secret methods about this mantra, or use this mantra to form a golden light taboo as a talisman. Or the hidden golden light, inner alchemy or enlightenment and cultivation, the thunder god guards or blesses the magic weapon, and steals the golden light from the sky.

Taiyi Eradicates Sins and Slays Demons and Protects Body, which was especially famous in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. The full text of the mantra is as follows. Unstoppable Taiyi Tianzun, rushing like a law, the universe is boundless, the wind and thunder are ordered to fight in the wild, and the ten directions will all destroy the Tai; if you don't understand it, you have recited the amulet many times and it is useless. The amulet cannot be recited casually Oh, I don't have enough mana for this spell, so it's just a waste of time to read it. This answer is for reference only, don't be blindly superstitious.

The Eight Great Divine Mantras can be worn on the body, that is, ready to read the Taoist Eight Great Divine Mantras when reading the Taoist scriptures. Clear and pure, the mind is at peace, the three souls are eternal, and the soul is free from anxiety and urgency, acting like a law.

I am a Taoist. Every mantra has a name, and the general meaning is also in the name. The mantra of purifying the mind makes the heart clean, the mantra of the mouth, the mantra makes the mouth clean, and the body. The divine mantra of enshrining the earth, purifying the heavens and the earth, also known as the decontamination mantra, removes the filth and makes the place pure, the golden light mantra, asking the gods to protect the body and wishing incense; "It can be seen that in Taoist magic, Taoist mantras occupy a very important position mantras , refers to the language of the gods, the secret language with supernatural powers and magic powers. The Dharma Realm, so it is called the divine mantra, from which we can see the mantra.

I think this kind of thinking is also inseparable from their belief in the Tao. Constrained by all things, they can finally achieve eternal life. Taoism is a bit more powerful. They can use these spells and talismans to subdue bad people. This method was also applied to the Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasties; of course it is useful. When you recite it, what you produce is good. Information, those bad things will not come close.

The most powerful three Taoist talismans in Taoism are the Five Ghosts Moving Wealth Talisman, the Resurrection Talisman According to legend, the person who uses this spell will win every gamble, and the wealth will be huge, but its side effects are also great, because the move of the five ghosts is driven by a person with profound Taoism. Once this expert controls it.

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